03 February 2008
Thanks to All
I'd just like to express my gratitude to every single person who commented on my last post. You guys are the best and your confidence-boosting comments made me instantly feel so much butter. I'm still trying to get over the fact that my dream has been postponed (maybe it'll only happen when I'm a little older and manage to send myself there on my own?) but I definitely feel much better than I felt a couple of days ago.

During the time in which I was drowning in sorrow, I managed to cater for a party, make Luxemburgerli for the first time, produce hundreds of macarons for various requests and try my hand out at chocolate making. Not too bad for a depressed chef, eh?

The chocolate obsession started when Lynn from "To Short Term Memories" gave me a box of her homemade chocolates. Later that day I rushed down to get my hands on some Valrhona and a chocolate mold (okay, well, 2 molds!). My first attempt was a Pudding filled dark chocolate shell, which wasn't really great since I didn't temper the chocolate well and the chocolates wouldn't come out of the mold.

The 2nd time round, however, I tempered the chocolate perfectly and it was a breeze to get them out of the mold. This time I made salted caramel chocolates, pictured below. Due to the vast difference in temperature between my kitchen and the patio outside, some condensation occured on the chocolates. The shine that is normally associated with tempered chocolate also vanished due to the warm temperature of my kitchen when I was un-molding the chocolates.

After the macaron making frenzy, I had many many many extra macarons left. Around 25-30 to be exact. I decided to give Lynn some and actually just passed it to her this morning :o) She graciously gave me some cute Luxemburgerli she made, as well as some Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes.

Oh, and I just noticed that images look totally different on various computers....which leaves me wondering what other people see when they check my Flickr page out....Strange!

Next week will be an eventful one, since I'll be holding my first ever class, teaching people how to make cupcakes. If all goes well, I'm definitely interested in starting a mini cooking school in my very own kitchen. How ambitious, huh?

Till next time!
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